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These three signs are compassionate, caring, sensible, emphatic, prudent, and are very affectionate. Off all the four, members of the fourth trine possess a calmer nature than the rest of the zodiacs. Incidentally, they are fine artists in their lovemaking. For couples who are neither in the compatible or incompatible group example, Tiger and Rabbit , the degree of their compatibility may vary. This depends upon their personalities and the nature of their relationship. Whether compatible or not, the married life of a couple depends on themselves.

Their love, respect, and understanding for each other should serve as the foundation of their relationship. Their ideals and characteristics may cause conflict at times, but surely, by the end of the day, their love for one another should transcend their differences. Best wishes! Some Chinese women give birth prematurely by a Caesarean operation to ensure that their children have lucky birthdays. Around the time of some auspicious day or the beginning of lucky years some clinics and hospitals become overrun with women seeking Caesareans. At one provincial hospital a year-old man reportedly died of stroke because doctors were too preoccupied doing Caesarean operations.

A rise in births in Guizhou and other provinces, some said was attributable to a rush to have babies in the year of the horse. Other said it was the result of the easing of the one-child policy remained unclear. Duan Chengrong, a demographer at Renmin University in Beijingwho has also published research on the topic and come to similar conclusions, said the government has little to worry about despite the plethora of media coverage.

Kent Ewing wrote in the Asia Times: The Year of the Dragon , which began on January 23, got off to a bad start before it even began. How else to explain the critical reaction within China to a commemorative postage stamp issued by China Post depicting the dragon as the fierce, fanged and clawed mythical creature it is supposed to be.

Now, as the fireworks explode and the celebrations commence, the dragon debate rages on: Is this the menacing image a rising China wants to present to the rest of the world?

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To which this self-anointed feng-shui commentator responds: Absolutely - unless this is to be the year that China becomes known as a nation of 1. Who would you rather have guarding the commonweal of your nation - a Chinese dragon or Mickey Mouse? Feng-shui masters said that better-than-expected economic news was due the influence of the advancing dragon chasing the rabbit to the back of the zodiacal queue.

As the euro zone heads toward the financial abyss and the US economy continues to limp along, the fierce protection offered by the dragon should provide China with a proverbial soft landing in the coming year. At least, that is what Chinese leaders hope and pray for.

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According to their sobering and very un-geomantic calculations, growth of under 8 percent could wreak enough economic havoc to provoke social unrest - unleashing the darker side of the Chinese dragon's ferocity. No one wants that, and most fortune-tellers assert that this year's dragon possesses enough strength to pull China through the economic trough that is expected in But the ancient art of feng shui goes well beyond simply taking note of which of the 12 animals of the zodiac occupies center stage in any given year.

There are also the five basic elements to contend with - metal, wood, water, fire and earth. This year is dominated by two elements - water and earth. Since these elements are eternally locked in a destructive relationship, the Year of the Dragon will not be without conflict and natural disasters.

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Expect the politics of the Middle East and North Africa to continue to roil while the earth shakes and the seas bulge and surge. Prepare yourself for a wild ride, although also remember that in the end the dragon is there for assurance and protection. The total absence of the fire element this year spells bad news for stock markets and the world of finance.

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The mediating influence of earth should prevent disaster, but count on a wet year for the world economy. Be careful and conservative in investments - or get soaked.

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In preparation for the onslaught of Dragon year babies, the Hong Kong government has raised obstetric fees at public hospitals for women from the mainland and also capped the number of deliveries by mothers who are not residents of Hong Kong at 3, in public hospitals and 31, in private hospitals. These caps, however, have prompted some desperate mainland moms to turn up at the emergency wards of the city's hospitals to have their babies. This, in turn, has led immigration officials to begin implementing checks on mainland women at the border and to turn back any visibly pregnant women who cannot prove that they have a booking at a Hong Kong hospital - an awkward and imprecise art at best.

The irony in all this is that Hong Kong's fertility rate is among the lowest in the world and its rapidly aging population poses a threat to the city's future development. In other words, Hong Kong needs more babies, lots of them.

The year of the dragon is considered a auspicious time to have children. The year was regarded as particularly auspicious because it was the beginning of a new millennium, or "Qian Xi," "Year of a Thousand Happiness. Natural birth. I guessed I was maybe six weeks along. At our first stop, couples lined the walls of the waiting area. To make my way to the ultrasound room, I had to push through a mob of women with swollen bellies, men gazing intently at smartphones, and hovering grandmothers-to-be.

The scan itself took only five minutes. Case closed: I was having a dragon baby. Vietnam saw an additional 61, babies born in the first five months of —a spike of Similar statistics are not yet available for China, but a dip in the birthrate in —a mere rabbit year—suggests that couples may have been postponing procreation, says the University of North Carolina demographer Cai Yong whose own dragon baby was born last February.

Tang Hui, the director of obstetrics and gynecology at the largest hospital in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi province, told me when I visited her hospital that deliveries there had gone from about a month in years past to between and In Vietnam, women have even had to share beds. Hospitals have turned away women in labor. She promptly gave birth in the parking lot.

Some childless couples, Cai tells me, are now talking of waiting for a less lucky year to conceive. Some in China fear a drop in the birthrate during the year of the sheep, which began on February 19, Traditionally Chinese women have liked to give birth to children in auspicious years such as the years of the monkey, dragon or pig.

The bad rap over being born in the year of the sheep has to do with the belief that sheep babies will be unhappy, exhausted and live strenuous lives. There's nothing we can do about it," Chen lamented. Instead, many couples may be planning to wait several months into the new year to get pregnant, thereby ensuring their offspring will be born under the subsequent zodiac symbol. State-run news outlets in recent weeks have been reporting that some hospitals have seen increases in caesarean deliveries, as couples try to ensure their offspring are born in the current year of the horse, which is regarded as more fortunate.

Hospitals in Guizhou,Shandong and Liaoning provinces have all reported such an upswing in births that they've been caught without enough birth certificates to issue. Meanwhile, abortion consultations have also seen a jump, according to official media. All of this, of course, was preceded by dispatches about nine months ago about couples furiously trying to get pregnant "in time" to ensure a horse baby. His work also inspired Mr. Coppolino to shift from shoe-leather reporting to covering the planets in his online magazine Planet Waves and later at The Daily News.

Coppolino said. For 23 years, Mr. The first major story he covered using astrology was the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton in the s. More recently, he has used astrology to help him interpret news of three hurricanes , Harvey Weinstein , North Korea , the mass shooting in Las Vegas and the terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan.

Coppolino wrote in Planet Waves. And when looking at the time and place of Mr. Eventually, Nicholas enrolled in the California Institute of Integral Studies to complete her BA degree, where she immersed herself in the work of authors like bell hooks, an activist recognized for her writing on the intersection of race, capitalism and gender. Who gets the time?


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Who gets the resources? Nicholas talks about her horoscopes as providing access to restorative measures for all sorts of people, especially to those who might not be able to afford expensive therapy sessions or week-long yoga retreats. In fact, Campion, the historian, says that astrology might not be any more popular than it ever was.

Wortham thinks that the millennial interest in astrology has to do with the correction of an imbalance, in which people are looking at their relationship to technology and finding it, at least to a degree, unnatural. Because social media and the Internet require people to externalize so much of their lives, people are looking for ways to be more introspective, she says. Is there a better way to live? Last year, Wortham went through a difficult breakup and decided to switch neighborhoods in Brooklyn. She had recently connected with Nicholas, who was intently advising her to move into a new apartment, build out her creative space and to do it quickly.

The planets were shifting, she said. Wortham would have to watch her finances. That correlation, Nicholas contends, is inextricably political — and she has no qualms about expressing her point of view in her horoscopes. And some of her followers have.